Teachers financial sponsor helps 50 female deservings students pursue educational goals

ISLAMABAD, Sep 15 (APP):The parents of some fifty students and civil society on Sunday commended the gesture of teaching and non-teaching staff of Islamabad Model Collage for Girls G/10-4 for paying financial expenditures of deserving students to pursue their dream of higher education.

In a collective and rare move, the College staff have voluntarily offered to bear finances of these students who got enrolled in 1st Year with the institution but have no or limited financial resources, helping their parents to give them a satisfactory go ahead.

A passionate student Farzana, who got 750 marks in Matric and enrolled in pre-medical was unable to pay admission-tuition fee due to her father’s death, said her mother was trying to borrow fee but in the meantime the collage contacted her and told the school teachers have paid her all dues.
Farzana said, “my mother works as a maid in homes after my father’s death and it was a dream for me and her to become a doctor which now seems to be fulfilled.”

In her remarks, her mother lauding teachers generous move, said she could not get education in her life and had desire for her daughter to achieve higher education and become a doctor.”I am happy that now my daughter will pursue my quest”, she remarked.

Principal of the college Saleha Jabeen said a number of female deserving students had approached the college staff and asked for financial support to continue their studies. The entire staff came to help them as majority of them were passionate and competent candidates. “We all managed to collect a hefty amount for fifty students form our own pockets to assist them attain higher education” she said. “It was a soul satisfying experience” she remarked.

Assistant Professor Asma Usmani, who was overlooking the admission process, said one student’s fee for first year was around 11,000 rupees. “Most of the female students sponsored financially are poor, orphan or domestic workers,” she added.

An renowned educationist Ali Ahmad stressed for establishing an endowment fund for such deserving and capable students.
Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal, he said, though was providing help to such students but the procedure was too lengthy and hectic to claim for underprivileged and sourceless segment.
He also suggested to simplify the procedure to have easy access of every poor to become Bait ul Mall’s beneficiary.

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