Telenor Pakistan is committed to serve the people of AJK, CEO Telenor

“When high court has given an order to allow Telenor Pakistan to start operations. Why these poor people are still suffering? We demand Govt of Pakistan to look into this matter.”

Commenting on the situation Irfan Wahab Khan, CEO Telenor Pakistan said, “First, I would like to apologise to our valued customers in AJK who have borne the brunt of such drastic measures by the tax authorities and the resulting inconvenience they faced due to network unavailability. The lack of concern for the people during the ongoing pandemic and tough weather conditions is disheartening. We are committed more than ever to the people of AJK and thank our loyal customers for being part of Telenor Pakistan family.”

“Telecommunications is an essential service, even to the extent that under the Telecom Act interfering with telecom services is unlawful and punishable. We hope that the Prime Minister of AJK will take notice of this situation and advise the tax authorities to operate under the purview of the law.” He further added.

He said, Telenor Pakistan is one of the largest investors and a leading taxpayer and is proud to play its role in spearheading digitalization in the country.

Telenor tower controllers across Azad Jammu and Kashmir have been sealed by the Commissioner Inland Revenue for payment of Rs. 2,854,949, 287 in income tax arrears. According to the Commissioner office, a notice was served to the company prior to the sealing of the towers.

As per the telco, they are actively engaged in discussions with the IR office for resolution of the issue.

Recently, the Inland Revenue Department AJK sealed multiple Telenor Pakistan network sites over a disputed tax demand resulting in services disruption to majority of the population of AJK, thus adversely impacting the lives and livelihood of the people. In a latest development, the AJK High Court has granted a stay and suspended all coercive actions initiated by the tax authority. However, the tax authorities are still not desealing our sites and not allowing the network to be restored. In the meantime, we are doing our best to ensure provision of services to our valued customers.