Terrorist attack: Chaman border remains closed for fifth day

Thursday marked the fifth consecutive day that the Pakistani-Afghan border crossing at Chaman remained closed.

On Sunday, unidentified armed persons from within Afghanistan opened fire on Pakistani security forces from the Chaman border, killing one and wounding two others. The Friendship Gate border crossing was blocked as a result.

All commercial and business activities at the Chaman border remained suspended for the fifth consecutive day.

The federal government will decide on the opening of the Friendship Gate, according to the Chaman’s deputy commissioner, who added that Islamabad and Kabul are in communication on the topic.

FC soldier martyred

In the middle of a cross-border raid from Afghanistan into the Chaman district of Balochistan on November 13, one Frontier Corps soldier sacrificed his life, and two more were injured.

According to Levies officials, Afghan security troops opened fire on FC personnel stationed on the Pakistani side of the Bab-e-Dosti near Chaman while on duty.

One FC soldier was killed, and two were wounded as a consequence of bullets fired at them during an exchange of gunfire between the security forces of the two nations.

In response to the incident, the Pakistani government requested a truce with the Afghan government. In the meantime, all commerce and foot traffic on Bab-e-Dosti has been prohibited.