Testimonies continue pouring in, demand #JusticeForNoor

With the trial of the Noor Muqaddam murder starting today, Baaghi TV continues to receive video testimonies from Pakistanis from across the globe. Their demand is simple – swift and just trial for Noor Muqaddam and severest punishment for the murderer accused Zahir Jaffer, his parents, and accomplices.

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Following initial reports of the brutal rape and beheading of Noor Muqaddam, the 27-year-old daughter of former Envoy, Mr. Shuakat Muqaddam, on 20th July 2021, the Pakistani community is rallying in support of the victim and her family.

Initial investigation by the police led to a confessional by the 30-year-old Jaffer who said, “When she said no to marrying me, I locked her in a room and told the guard to not let anyone leave or enter.” Furthermore, based on the police investigation, it was reported that while Noor was being held hostage by Jaffer, he had been in contact with his parents multiple times who took the route of declaring Zahir Jaffer as ‘unstable’ nonetheless, multiple experts in the field denied the claims and declared him fit for trial. 

Nearly two months into the investigation, the murder trial has been transferred to a special court for speedy proceedings. In lieu of this, support has been pouring in for the Muqaddam family with Pakistani men and women (especially those settled abroad) sharing messages in support, demanding swift justice for Noor Muqaddam. 

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Some of the recent video testimonies shared with Baaghi TV are shared below. 

The first video starts with a young man introducing himself as a Pakistani citizen and brother to Noor Muqaddam in Islam. He says, “We stand with Noor Muqaddam and Sir Shuakat Muqaddam, and we are waiting very patiently for the justice to be served.” He continues to say that we are waiting very patiently ” and we will keep on waiting, but if we see any negative outcome we are willing to take to the streets and demonstrate our peaceful protest for justice”.

The young man concludes the video by saying, “We will not stop until justice is served, so please our Prime Minister should take notice and ensure a speedy trial”.

In the second video, an elderly man demands severe punishment for Zahir Jaffer, his parents, and all accomplices who directly or indirectly facilitated the murderer in brutally killing Noor Muqaddam. 

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In the third video nearly twenty-four seconds long, a man urges the Pakistani community to participate in the protest to be held on the 22nd of September, 2021 seeking justice for Noor Muqaddam.

He says, “My heart goes out to Noor Muqaddam’s family. They are passing through a very tough time and they need our support in this. All the criminals who were abetters and the actual perpetrators, they should be punished, and punished severely”. 

In the fourth video, Helen Francis from the United States says, “I am making this video so that everyone coming on my YouTube Channel should stand together to support Noor Muqaddam and her family. I too have lost my son so, I can imagine the pain her parents must be going through.”

She adds that when “I see her father in the court and how his daughter’s character is being questioned my heart nearly explodes at the pain he must go through. So let’s light a candle for Noor, a candle – of hope, of support, of the grief of her parents, of the pain her mother is going through”.

Helen Francis adds, “I also want to address Khawaja Harris who is representing the murderer, Zahir Jaffer that this beast has not killed just one human being. He has murdered a whole family. He has killed a father, a mother, a brother, a sister. He has murdered them all and should be punished severely.”

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In the fifth video Aasma Khalid from Lahore says, “I am with you every step of the way. I stand with Noor, her family, her friends. In shaa Allah justice will be served and the culprits will be brought to justice and hanged.”

“If we allow the assailant of this crime and those who aided him to get away, then we must admit molestation and murder is part of our culture and corruption our creed”, says the young woman in the sixth video. She adds, “Let it not be remembered as such that in the light of punishment so severe that it sends shivers down the spines of anyone who dares to even think of looking at an innocent soul in the wrong way ever again”. 

The video concludes with the message that Allah is “the ultimate judge” with prayers that Allah grants peace to Noor Muqaddam and her family.

In the seventh video, Husna Feroze from Dallas, Texas says that we stand with Noor Muqaddam because we want our country to prosper. Feroze says, “Given the delay in justice, [it saddens us that Pakistan is not progressing] we pray that Allah makes ease for you in your endeavors and ensures justice for Noor Muqaddam in this life and the hereafter”. 

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In the eighth video, Reena from New Jersey says, the family of Noor Muqaddam needs and deserves justice. She says “I wish them best of luck”.

In the ninth video, a Physician from Connecticut, USA says, “Noor was not the only one who was brutally murdered two months ago. Along with her a part of our core, of our lives was taken away from us. The part that believed in decency and goodness of all human beings died that day. A girl was being tortured, brutally attacked as she was trying to escape and other human beings were watching mercilessly without any respect for human lives in their heart. How did we allow this to happen on our land?”

“There is no other option, there is no ambiguity. There is only one option that the killer is hanged to death, and those who were accessories to this murder are given exemplary punishment for aiding in this crime against humanity”, continues the female physician.   

In the tenth video, an elderly man appeals to the COAS (Chief of the Army Staff), Prime Miniter Imran Khan, and Chief Justice of Pakistan that in the Noor Muqaddam murder case, they should ensure a speedy trial and publicly hang the murderer and his accomplices.  

A Twitter trend was also started on the 13th of September, 2021 to demand justice for Noor Mukaddam with the hashtag: #درندے_جعفر_کو_سزا_دو (Punish Zahir Jaffer). 

In the last video, a woman from Karachi says that I regularly follow the updates in the Noor Muqaddam case. She says, “I pray that the perpetrators and abetters rot in hell. In the times of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) instant punishment was given there and then. Today we live in an Islamic State where everything is clear and yet, hearing upon hearing is scheduled and rescheduled to mint money.”

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She adds, “Do the lawyers not know that he has committed such a heinous act? When we know, the whole world knows, then how can they not know? They [lawyers] should not take up such a case and ruin their reputation. I pray for the physical and emotional strength for the grieving family, for the parents that they are able to cope with the loss”.

One thing that remains constant in the testimonies above, is the drive and the passion behind the demand for a speedy and just trial. The violently gruesome murder of Noor Muqaddam has united Pakistanis in the fight for justice as they continue to speak against Zahir Jaffer and his accomplices.

Baaghi TV urges the Honourable President, Prime Minister, and Chief Justice of Pakistan to ensure that justice is served. 

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