The 2020 New Year Gift: Live and Let Live

The 2020 first major strike to General Suleimani the Iranian head comes at a time when the world is already in grip of fear of anything bigger yet stronger that might occur to the people who remain constantly susceptible to be the victims of any uncalled for misadventurism on part of the bigger players in the world arena.

The killing of General Suleimani has sparked off fury across the world. The democrats believe, no prior congressional approval for any such act was sought. They say Donald Trump is rushing the country to the war. Donald trump is vociferous, he believes this was an act which should have taken place about 20 years back. According to him Suleimani had perpetrated crimes in the region.

In response to this heinous crime, surely the protests now erupt in all the nations. Well who knows what would this lead us all into. The threat of war is acute and immediate. Deceptively the Americans keep saying they are deescalating tensions with Iran. That’s not the case. The Iranians are already promising revenge. At any possible time the revenge will be extracted, but I believe there is no justification of what has been done.

Hassan Rouhani without mincing words, he says that the flag of the Suleimani in defense of the territorial sovereignty and integrity of Iran will be raised much higher than before. All american excesses in this regard shall be thwarted and revenge will be taken.The Iraqis don’t particularly consider this as a friendly gesture. This is a blatant violation of Iraqi sovereignty. The Americans say they are with the Iraqis, surely this does not entitle them to kill any body any given time they want.

The international response has been vocal. China, Turkey, Russia seem angry over it. Netanyahus’ response is no surprise for the peace lovers. He stands firm with America, rendering all possible support to the US.

It seems we, as innocent civilians are being sucked, into the proxy skirmishes which may well escalate tensions leading way to bigger problems between the big warring factions. It’s an endless war that we are being dragged into.

Remember, the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria led to the World War I in 1914. And now with with Modi in India, Nehtanyahu in Israel, and right wing gaining attention in Europe, Donald Trump under the threat of impeachment, anything is possible.

Things look scary and anything could happen.

It is reliably learnt that the Israelis were the first ones in the world to target Palestinian leadership. The Americans have learnt this from them. Both have the technology to target and frustrate Iran to the best of their capability. Who is there to knock sense into their minds. What can Pakistan do under the circumstances, whose very own future is hanging by the Arabian thread?

The problem only exacerbating in the process. Pakistanis don’t want to see a gulf that deepens rather than shrinking. Rather time for flawless statesmanship as regards the leaders of the Muslim world, if they truly believe saving the Muslim world and the world at large. As for Donald Trump the rhetoric must now change from a stricter to a kinder one.

[bs-quote quote=”Let’s learn to live in peace. The world population is constantly in motion who have fled persecution at home, still dying in hope for greener pastures. Let’s strive for peace and not war.” style=”style-17″ align=”center” color=”#dd0000″ author_name=”Mian Haroon Masood” author_job=”Political Leader, Pakistan “][/bs-quote]


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