The Biggest Forgotten Asset of Pakistan: The Pakistani Expats!

I woke up today to another vibrant Sunday in my amazing city Lahore and my beloved Pakistan. While sipping a steaming cup of coffee, my mind wandered off to all the dynamic Pakistani expats residing in different corners of the globe, wondering how their hearts must be aching for Pakistan right now, sipping my coffee, I went back in memory lane, I remembered how my heart ached for Pakistan for over two decades of my life in the US.

I know one thing with absolute surety, being an expat myself that no one and I repeat no one has more sincere intentions to serve Pakistan, then the 9,080,000 (2017 estimate) overseas Pakistanis living in different countries around the world.

In 2017 overseas Pakistanis sent remittances worth Rs. 2137 billion (US 15 billion dollars). According to the data released by the State Bank of Pakistan. According to the UN department of Economics and Social Affairs Pakistan has the 6th largest diaspora in the world.

The biggest expat population resides in Dubai, second is United Kingdom and US takes third place.
I can say this with a 200 percent guarantee that while I enjoy another sunny morning with endless possibilities in my Pakistan, this very moment many of my overseas fellow Pakistanis must be deeply aching, strongly hoping and desperately praying to be back on their soil, their homeland, their beloved Pakistan.

People in Pakistan might not like what I say next but I speak my mind, tough! get used to it:

In today's challenging era overseas Pakistanis are the most valuable asset of Pakistan with a far more superior work experience, professional ethics, educational assets not to mention their priceless and very dynamic wisdom, uniquely acquired, from living and working with diverse nationalities and cultures in varied parts of the globe. Pakistani Expats most certainly are in a league of their own! Above the mediocre crowd.

Saman Hasnain Shah Former Mrs Pakistan World

They know the true value of their identity as “Pakistanis”, since they are reminded about this very phenomenon every single day living in a foreign country.

The are the ones who truly know the value of their homeland, Pakistan.

They by far are the biggest and most priceless forgotten asset of Pakistan.

An unused work force, a strong sleeping army, an untapped priceless resource.

I urge the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan to give the due acknowledgement, opportunities and a well deserved valuable place in Pakistan to the talented and well deserving expats in every related department and policy making of Pakistan.

Many people have made false promises and given tainted hopes to our country while Pakistani expats have shown time and time again that they are and will always be the biggest asset of Pakistan.

Long live Pakistan and Pakistanis everywhere! 🇵🇰


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