The CDC has published findings on the outbreak of COVID among vaccinated residents in nursing homes

Washington, April 22 2021: Recent research released by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention highlights the importance of broad vaccination coverage against COVID 19 and also the importance of preventing mixing between vaccinated and un-vaccinated people.

The study points to a nursing home in Kentucky where in March a worker who had symptoms but was not vaccinated, caused an outbreak to spread among inoculated residents. The result was, dozens of cases, even including 22 fully vaccinated staff and residents. This study points to the importance of broad vaccine coverage prevention measures according to the CDC. A total of 46 cases were identified and three residents died. By the time the the outbreak was identified, a majority of the residents had been vaccinated but only a half of the workers.

The variant that caused the spread was R1 which was not at the time of interest to or a cause of concern for the CDC. While the results of the outbreak reflect the importance of the vaccine in ameliorating symptoms, it also underscores the limitations of the vaccine and shows that all persons including those who have already recovered from the virus must be inoculated. The authors also say that there needs to be a continued emphasis on strategies and SOPs must continue to be observed to prevent the disease even after vaccination.

Alongside this case in Kentucky, there is another recent study that shows similar findings from another outbreak of infections in a Chicago nursing home.

Their findings, released alongside a study of a similar outbreak at a Chicago nursing home which also pointed to the results of what happened when vaccinated and un-vaccinated people mix.

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