The Change will come!

In a dialogue with the nation, Prime Minister Imran Khan confidently answered the perfervid queries of the people via telephone calls regarding many important national issues and promised them a solution to the problems of the past and a bright future. He apprised those who questioned the policies of the government and its benefits and said that the rupee was strengthening against the dollar due to the improvement in the national economy through government initiatives. The government is distributing health cards to ease the lives of the poor. Along with this, it is managing affordable gas and steps are being taken to provide various other facilities. Direct intercourse with the people by the Prime Minister is also being welcomed but how far it solves the problems of the people is a separate debate. However, in this way, the Prime Minister would be aware of the problems and difficulties of the people.

People are more interested in solving problems than in being aware of them. If the government continues to put its burden on others, the people will be despondent. The PTI had promised the people during the election campaign that mismanagement, corruption, and economic woes will be eradicated through a team of honest people. However, it is almost three years since the PTI came to power. During this time, whenever the people mentioned their problems, they have been acquitting themselves by justifying the poor performance and debt burden of the previous governments. It is no longer possible for the government to satisfy the people by referring to the poor performance of the previous governments for five years. The government will have to be accountable to the people for its performance. The Prime Minister has been assuring the people that he would review the performance of the ministers in his cabinet every three months and if any minister failed to do his job properly, he would be sacked. Two persons were removed from the cabinet during the last three years, both accused of corruption. A different strategy has been adopted for those who have not been able to perform in the cabinet and the ministry of such a minister or adviser is changed due to negligence and failure. Following this policy, it is not being remembered what a person who has not been able to show his understanding in one field can do in another ministry. A series of three-month performance reports could not be continued. This has given the impression that the present government is not showing seriousness in rectifying the administrative shortcomings.

It is noteworthy that despite his claims, the Prime Minister has not been able to form a team of talented people within three years, nor has any plan of action been devised to curb uncontrollable inflation which has always been a central issue in a public dialogue with the Prime Minister. Inflation has really ruined the lives of the people; the rates of anything in the country are not stabilizing. The Prime Minister speaks of the middle man in the case of vegetables and fruits. The role of the middle man cannot be ignored, but other factors need to be taken into account. As petroleum and electricity prices rise, so will rent, food, and other necessities also gone up. This increase should be proportional, but profiteers increase indiscriminately. An increase in the price of petroleum raises the prices of commodities, but in the case of a reduction, inflation does not decrease by the same proportion. If inflation does not decrease, it is a question mark on the writ of the government. The retail price of sugar was fixed at Rs 80 per kg by the government three days ago, but shopkeepers are still selling above Rs 110. The number of shopkeepers and dealers who flouted government orders in such a manner has become a warning sign that the scourge of inflation will continue to plague society till the screws of illegitimate profiteers and hoarders are tightened.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has once again expressed confidence that change will come. The people are not disappointed, but the government has less time and more work to do. No matter how powerful the ruling party in a parliamentary democracy, it has to maintain a working relationship with the opposition. If the government is really on the reform agenda, it will have to expand the consultative process to make electoral reform, NAB and accountability reform and economic recovery decisions a state decision, which will also strengthen the notion of parliamentary supremacy. In the next two years, the government has to not only rectify the shortcomings created by the previous governments but also win the hearts of its supporters by rectifying its poor performance. In his dialogue with the people, the Prime Minister has informed the citizens in detail about the causes of the problems. However, instead of stating the reasons, it is necessary to rectify all the shortcomings without any panic. However, the government will have to focus on its shortcomings to solve the problems of the people. Elimination of inflation, corruption, and mismanagement from the country is possible only when all government machinery focuses on solving the problems of the people instead of the opposition.


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