The Chenab Conundrum

The Chenab Conundrum | Baaghi TV

Life is a weird mix of anxiety and excitement. The past few days have been jaw-droppingly crazy. The travelers traveling from Lahore to Islamabad were at the mercy of humble circumstances, in certain cases cars were being attacked upon, buses were put to fire by the angry crowds. All this led to disruptive traffic activity, businesses suffering owing to this unresolvable kind of situation. Thank God it’s over. We feel that life is back to normality.

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The police had dug up trenches near River Chenab, just to prevent the marchers from marching on towards the other side of Chenab Bridge if you came from Wazirabad. Things were chaotic, the public gripped by a great sense of restlessness, confusion, and lost-mindedness.

What is the latest situation? We would like to know. There has been an incredibly long disruption in the communication and road networks disallowing people to get to their desired destinations up and down. Never before we have ever witnessed such an impasse between the Govt and the protesting crowds. The concentration of TLP followers in and around Gujrat makes it more volatile geographically. I have personally experienced agony twice.

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Once I was stopped at Jhelum Bridge while I was on my way to Islamabad. Disappointingly headed back to Gujrat. Only making my escape good via mandi, then exiting through Salam interchange, getting on to the motorway, and finally making it to Islamabad. Again drove back to Gujrat via motorway and Mandi Bahaudin. And then with a fellow Londoner who had wished to travel with us to Lahore from Gujrat. He bore the brunt with us, meandering through the rickety roads from the Shahbazpur bridge leading up to those very villages that meander between the beautiful foliage but the long traffic jams forced us to give up and return back again to Gujrat.

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To our utter helplessness, we started all over again in the evening through Mandi Bahauddin, getting on to the motorway from Salam and cruising our way to Lahore. It was horrendous. I was driving myself. I was in Turkey a few days ago trying to compare the system of the Turks with ours. I was astonished to see the remarkable level of their engineering feat. They built an underwater tunnel beneath the ocean. An engineering marvel. We in our home town are still trying to figure out as to how could we rid ourselves of our ailing sewerage systems, or how can we manage to get it to work.

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We pale in comparison alas! Then we are battling day-to-day troubles for no rhyme or reason. We must as a nation give up on our hackneyed, democratically ill-conceived notions and rise above personal interests to be productive nationals. The genocidal violence and onslaught must come to an end now. The loss of TLP workers and the police conscripts is after all a loss of humanity. It and is lamentable and most regrettably brought to the notice of the two sides of the warring factions. This is our country we have to respect the law of the land. Yet remain within our permissible limits to follow the underlying principles of our sects. We must in our own humble capacity do in our power whatever is necessary to bring relief to our Muslim brethren.

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Apart from that, we are inherently instilled with seeds of love and compassion which may enable us to connect ourselves with other humans, making this world a more peaceful and a better place to live. It’s all about bringing peace to one another. Hope these few days would work as an eye-opener for each one of us, only making promises to ourselves for mending ourselves to become more responsible citizens. We regret the loss of the lives of the people of our community. May Allah bless their souls.

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