The Dangerous Nexus: an analysis on South Asian politics

It is now quite evident how dramatically things are shaping up. The trio of Afghanistan, Pakistan and India is being viewed as a hot melting pot in this region.

The Kashmir conundrum is unraveling the hidden motives of India. The revocation of Article 370 and Indian occupied Kashmir’s inclusion into the union territory of India has raised many eyebrows. The proponents of law say that this is nothing but de-operationalization of Article 370 which could only come into play once the members of the Kashmir assembly had endorsed it or had approved of any such change thereof.

Without their approval, these may become infructuous if a legal recourse is sought, but all this depends on how it is challenged in the court of law. It is a matter of interpretation; how they interpret the statutory law. The judges, jealously, guard matters pertaining to the constitution but the advocates of justice are at times on a weaker wicket when they are to confront a majority government with a single mandate over any vexatious matter as this one. A juror’s overreach comes into effect only at a time when he discovers that the government has no legs to stand on. A rather flimsy one, one can make out the ensuing outcome considering the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and it’s clear majority in India.

There are rumors swirling around that India is trying to lure the Americans. One of the leading Indian personality who remained in the US for a long period of time, Mr. Subramanian, is believed to have hailed President of the United States (POTUS) Dwight D. Eisenhower, for he thinks America has played it’s role in getting them freedom from the British in 1947. After the second World War, very enthusiastically, the US touted India and did it’s bidding to a greater extent . They even recommended a seat for India in the United Nations (UN) with a power to veto decisions.

Fast forwarding into the present, it is now being proposed to the Americans that India must now have it’s presence in Afghanistan; they must send their military into Afghanistan. This makes it a hyperbolic rhetoric though, they are fiercely protective of India and it’s sovereignty. They are now convincing the US that they don’t want the Talibans to have control over Afghanistan in any way possible.

US have lost the war in Afghanistan, they are down in dumps. There is going to be a draw down of troops. They will have to exit ignominiously. The Indians say they would thwart any possible move of the Talibans from coming into accession.

This is rather far fetched, but it may materialize also. Talking about the strategic depth and our familiarity with the area, are we geared up to face the challenges?

They are even talking of getting back the Azad Jammu and Kashmir and linking land borders with India and Afghanistan.

The situation is alarming. The combat preparedness is a must for all and sundry.

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