The Disruptions of The Civil Society And Belated Ban on TLP

The footages that we saw of the attacks and brutal killings of law enforcement officials were heart breaking and such anarchy cannot be tolerated by any civil society.

The ban on TLP came a little late that we saw many innocent police officers killed and the civil society traumatized.

These protesters are “Fasadis” and nothing else. Quran says that there will be disruptors of the peace and they will claim that they are bringing in the corrections to the society but infact they are Fasadis or the terrorists.

There is no one who can make an illiterate understand as to what peace and harmony is and what the humanity is.

The teaching of Islam is that killing of one human being is like killing the whole of the humanity.
Such illiterate seminaries must be controlled thru some government program for rehabilitation before it’s too late as mere a ban is not going to be affective alone.

All the religious schools must be taken in government control for religious education and bringing up the good human beings.


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