The dollar went up, reached 152!!


The price of the dollar is rising continuously, with an investment of Rs.18 billion in Interbank, Rs 149 rupees 65 paise in the open market, while one rupee in the open market has become Rs 152.

According to the Baaghi TV report, the first 93 dollars in the Interbank was expensive by Rs 148 rupees 80 and the value of the dollar increased further, after which a rupee of Rs 53 was expensive and 149 rupees were 40 paise. On the end of the business, another 25 paise was increased by Rs. 78 paise, with a rupee of Rs 78 rupees 65 rupees. With an increase in dollar value in Putin, the dollar rose a rupee to Rs 152. In the Interbank and Open Market, the price of the dollar increased last week and the open-up dollar reached the highest level of the country’s highest level on 152.

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