The Duke of Edinburgh

You all have bigger milestones ahead of you; look for instance Philip the Duke of Edinburgh, who dies at 99 only 2 months short of 100. He led an incredibly amazing life, busting with energy. He was into horse riding, yachting, different sports even seen riding chariot drawn to horses.

He was a wandering soul who had to go into exile as a child, and had his initial education at Gladstone Scotland. He sent Charles to the same school but he abhorred being there totally. This was a boarding school with tough rules and maverick.

Duke of Edinburgh, he embodied the era of British history. Believed in service skill and expedition. He introduced the Duke of Edinburgh’s award for millions of youngsters across the world coming from different countries. He had met the Queen when he was thirteen. Fell in love when 20. He has been the consort to the longest serving monarch, for the longest period of time in British History. For the Queen in her words she said he had been her great strength and stay. He was a man of purpose, who dedicated life to duty and service. He believed in nature and had even founded WWF and led the organisation for countless years. He stood behind the Queen as a rock.

He believed in innovations. He had an eye on the future that’s more the reason he sort of tried to keep himself abreast of all developments that took place in a modern changing world. He debuted as a naval officer in British Royal navy. After the coronation of the Queen in fifties, he left that career and was brought in the Windsor Castle. Too many he was rough initially. But gradually he made his mark. He was of course known to be maintaining a balance in the world powers vis a viz Britain.

He strongly believed in interfaith harmony.

He will be known for his remarkable service to the Queen, the Royal family to Britain and to the countries of common wealth.

Never showy or openly demonstrative, theirs will be remembered as an enduring royal love story.


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