The flag of Khalistan on the Red Fort

Lahore, 28th January: The Sikh Indians came out of Punjab and ran to Delhi, unfurling the Indian tricolour from the Red Fort and hoisted the Khalistan flag.

Baaghi TV: After the opening of the Kartarpur Corridor, the activities of Sikhs in India have intensified.

It may be recalled when Kartarpur corridor reopened, the cold-blooded Indian government and many of its defence analysts wrote that Pakistan would no longer have difficulty in forging ties with the Sikhs and that the consequences would come in the days to come.

Sikhs are only 2 or 3% of the total population of India, but the share of Sikhs in India’s gross domestic product is 26%.

According to reports, 70% of the population of Indian Punjab is Sikh. Indian Punjab is the economic lifeblood of the whole of India.

Indian Punjab produces 74% wheat and 48% rice of the total requirement of the whole of India. Thus the food of billions of people other than India depends on the Indian Punjab or in other words the Sikhs.

So it may not be wrong to say that the Indian Punjab gives India access to Kashmir, which meets two-thirds of India’s water needs.

Sikhs make up 20% of the Indian Army too. There are a large number of Sikhs, especially in the Air Force. Even today, there are more Sikhs in the Indian Army than Hindus, including generals.

In 1947, Sikhs made up 50% of the Indian Army officers. 38% of the Air Force and 33% of the Army. After which the Hindus, as a precaution, reduced the recruitment of Sikhs in the army and brought the Sikhs to 20%.

As per reports, the latest protests include Sikh soldiers who took part in the Kargil war, chanting anti-Indian slogans.

After this protest, some old wounds of Indian Sikhs have also been healed, especially the attack of the Indian Army on the Golden Temple. They are also demanding an account of it.

India seems to have completely failed to deal with this protest. The Indian Establishment is shouting that this protest of the Sikhs is spreading change among the Sikhs in the Indian Army.

If left unmanaged, they can be left astray and lose the right path.

It is pertinent to mention here that Kartarpur is a limited corridor of a few kilometres from which Sikhs cannot get out.

Written by: Shahid Khan

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