The political system of Pakistan

I have been through the writings of many authors and realized that they consider the people of Pakistan devoid of political sense. This perception may be true up to some extent and certain region in the country; most of the people in the interior Sindh and Punjab shift their loyalties to a specific party owing to their vested interests or Social compulsion. They are dependent on the Lords of that areas. But, the major part of the country left with little choice to choose among corrupt, inexperienced and accused leaders.

Similarly, there is a lack of competent and sincere leadership in the country who think out of the box. The political system of Pakistan is confined to few people and dynastic. For instance, Pakistan People Party is related to the Bhutto family particularly, and Confine to the Zardari family. The recent entry of Asifa Bhutto into the politics of Pakistan seems that the sun of Pakistani politics rises and Set in these families only. Moreover, Pakistan Muslim League (N) is related to Nawaz family. After the political demise of Nawaz Sharif, the Coffin of PML(N) put on the feeble arm of Maryam Nawaz, who failed to spell the magic of innocence on the nation. There is no mechanism for the entry of common masses in the political system of Pakistan. Politics is forbidden fruit for them. All seats in the senate and national assembly are occupied by the members of the elite class. There is hardly a member from a middle or lower-middle-class in the parliament. Thus, the setting members formulate policies and Law in their favour. They have their separate education system in the form of “O” and Political“A” levels; It is the system that even cannot even be repealed by a single national curriculum policy. In a similar way, the law system, where they can be exempted from all heinous crimes, NRO is a glaring example in this regard. They have left Loopholes in the system from where they can exit and enter into the system of the country. However, common people are allowed to act as a spectator and their strings are controlled by the so-called leadership. Finally, the hopes of common Masses are shattered by the callous PTI led government, with major political flaws, fake promises and high inflation broke the backbone of these spectators and compelled them to commit suicide. In this condition, it is unwise to blame the common Masses to chose the wrong leadership. They never had a sincere leadership like Abraham Lincoln or Nelson Mandela or any other. Who sacrificed their lives for their nation. They have always been bewildered by corrupt Political Mafias, who even suck the last drop of their blood. In fact, they are in between the devil and the deep sea.


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    101% agree with u…

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