The Politically “Unchosen” Bazinjo

We are strangled in the labyrinth of inflation. The standard of our lives is constantly declining and our currency is depreciating with an alarming rise in the value of Dollar. We hear the slogans of uniform accountability. The heads that once wore the crown are devoid of the air conditioner facility in the prison. The ones who have assumed the throne are restless.

Some are worried over the cloudburst in Neelum valley while the others are concerned with allowing or disallowing plastic wrapping on the airports. Some foresee the midterm elections while others are fulfilling their vested interests by incorporating religion into politics. Some advocate the freedom of expression while others long to ban it.

For the past 72 years, we have been navigating the directions to run this country, we have been debating upon finding the solutions to the problems faced by Pakistan, and we have been criticizing on the issues vocally and discussing the issues like the freedom of expression.

These are the general issues which will always remain under discussion and a productive criticism that leads to a healthy debate is always acceptable. Unfortunately, we are observing a culture of trespassing a thin line between discussing these issues and threatening the national interests. Have a look at the activities of the “Politically Unchosen Bazinjo” who did not realise that gone are those days when one’s casually spoken words went unrecorded and undocumented. It happened in the times when people did not have the access to the digital gadgets. Now-a-days, videos are shot through mobile cameras, uploaded on social media and shock the audience through mainstream media.

Earlier, it took around fifteen days to carry the news of someone’s demise. Now the Facebook live and Twitter broadcasts are aired from inside the hospital’s emergency ward. Mir Hasil Bazinjo was, probably, not aware of this reality.

A closer look at the past of this Politically Unchosen Bazinjo reveals some appalling realities. He is the one who never left any stone unturned in availing the opportunities to become the Politically Chosen. He not only exploited his father's esteemed political stature but also compromised the national security and befriended such elements which were never considered patriotic by the state.

Mir Hasil Bazinjo initiated his political activities under the banner of Baloch Students Organization in the mid-seventies. Contrary to his father, he succeeded in gaining the support from Army and started playing an active role in politics after his father’s death in 1989. Mir Baizan Bazinjo succeeded Mir Ghos Bazinjo as the leader of the party. According to the Baloch nationalist leaders, this was one of the main challenges for Mir Hasil Bazinjo who was in a hurry to become the member of the parliament and had expressed this desire to the ones who “chose” the members.

Mir Baizan Bazinjo won the two seats in the National Assembly during the general elections of 1990. Later on, Mir Hasil Bazinjo was elected on one of the seats vacated by Mir Baizan Bazinjo. In 1997, the residents of the same constituency and the “friends” with whom Mir Hasil Bazinjo shared coffee with, got him elected in the National Assembly. He was elected senator twice in 2009 and 2013 and it is not surprising at all that he got “chosen” again and again and always got a price for that.

Once he was offered Rs. 5 lac on the issue of the election of the Chairman Senate. There is a long list of the vicious actions of Mir Hasil Bazinjo who used to sell his political affiliations for 5 lac rupees only.

Surprisingly, the democracy in Pakistan was completely in safe hands till the time Mir Hasil Bazinjo was “chosen” and now when the quest for fulfilling his personal interests has led to him becoming the “politically unchosen”, he has started chanting the slogans of the victory of dictatorship over democracy in Pakistan. It is also evident that Mir Hasil Bazinjo, the prominent leader among the Baloch Nationalist leaders, has secret ties with Indian intelligence Agency. He always stood against the state of Pakistan every time the national sovereignty and integrity came into question. He is the one who has always supported Indian stance over the Baluchistan issue on the floor of the parliament. Recently his comment on the dismissal of the motion of no confidence against the chairman Senate Sadiq Sanjrani has unveiled his patriotic standing.

Mir Hasil Bazinjo, who does not feel any shame in welcoming his personal gains at the cost of the Baloch’s interest, has blamed the chief of Pakistan’s intelligence agency for executing horse trading to support Sadiq Sanjrani.

Whether his statement was intentional or unintentional, every single word that defames the national institutions, creates an air of uncertainty and threatens the sovereignty of this country should be taken seriously. It is high time to interrogate Mir Hasil Bazinjo who has been polluting the national politics in the name of his family's political legacy. His ties with the anti-state Baloch leaders residing in Germany and Canada should be investigated. His contacts with RAW should be questioned. He should be asked for the reason behind blaming the chief of the state's sacred institution without any proof.

His real agenda behind doing this needs to be explored seriously. It is high time to set an example for the ones who always slander the national security institutions. Everyone has seen the real face of Mahmood Khan Achakzai and Mir Hasil Bazinjo and media and public should not take such elements into consideration. Mir Hasil Bazinjo will soon realise that he is stranded in between the rock and a hard place and that Pakistan Peoples Party has played a political game with the rest of the opposition parties in the name of the impeachment of the chairman Senate. The only way out for Mir Hasil Bazinjo is to bring forth all those faces who have been planning with him to overthrow the incumbent government.


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