The prime minister should be stopped from work including Federal Cabinet


Prime Minister Imran Khan and opposition cabinet to hear the petition filed in Lahore High Court

The Lahore High Court ordered the application to be set up for the next week with the main case, according to the Baaghi TV report. In the second petition, the appointment of the Federal Cabinet members has been challenged in the court. Applicant from the federal government, Abdul 4 members including Sheikh cabinet made party, said the petition filed in court.The applicants have raised objections to the appointment of new cabinet members to man the minister Options Can not use which is not a member of the National Assembly, only by the constitution of the Constitution, only the elected public representative can use the options of the federal minister, the current cabinet of Prime Minister Imran Khan is unconstitutional as it is the minister for non-elected people. Has been made, the court dismissed the cabinet and prime minister And the cabinet stopped working

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