The project will help to address major challenges, Dr. Firdous

LAHORE, Feb 26 (APP): Dr Firdous said this project would help in addressing major challenges such as unemployment, poverty alleviation etc. She highlighted that the government was keen to launch self-sustainable job creating projects to usher in development in vital sectors of the economy.

She said that Local bodies system had a pivotal role in governance as the leadership at grassroots level was a platform through which cities as well as entire districts could be uplifted effectively. She said a proposal was presented before Prime Minister Imran Khan, but in some areas further clarity was needed vis-a-vis structure of village council, neigbhbourhood council, town committees, municipal committees and tehsil council.

She stated that Premier had directed the provincial cabinet to review it once again, adding that the proposal would be submitted again after indepth review.SACM said that low cost housing was a big challenge and was needed by myriads living in cities. She added that a low cost housing project would be launched in Punjab on the pattern initiated by the federal government.

“One low cost housing project would be launched in each tehsil of the province,and seven main banks would give ownership and provide mortgage as per direction of Prime Minister Imran Khan in this regard”.

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