The truth behind, “My body, my choice”

Lahore, 12th March: A slogan spoken at Women’s World Day, Women’s March has revealed the astonishing discovery of “my body, my choice”, a slogan that began in the Brazilian Red Light Area.

According to a viral post on social media, some women have raised my body, my choice, without knowing the meaning of its slogan and its negative sides, but the surprising thing is that it started in the Red Light Area of Brazil.

How does a slogan form the basis of a so-called Pakistan-based revolutionary movement?

Who allowed such misleading and strange sounds to be popular?

See the slogan words in the Portuguese language according to which “Eu sou uma prostituta orgulhosa; meu Corpo”, its literal translation is, “a proud prostitute; my body is my choice”.

These words were popularized by Gabriela Light, a sex worker rights lawyer in the late 1980s.

The worrying thing is the words of a slogan which these simple and ignorant Pakistani women have adopted, without knowing their meaning, significance and relevance. This is what happens when you don’t read books and history.

My Body, My Choice; is actually a book written by Robin Stevenson called “My Body is My Choice”. It is about those women who get pregnant before marriage as a result of free sex.

The proper title of the women’s rights activist should be “My Rights, My Choice”. This is a valid idea to promote our highest agenda in the protection of women’s rights.

My body, my choice, the slogan is appropriate for the women who involve themselves in free sex rather than the women of our society who should promote better morals for the coming generation.

The slogan: My body, my choice, also refers to the idea of wanting to keep illegitimate children or to abort them.

These are two such issues which are not allowed in Islam and ideally should not be accepted in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

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