The United States revises its strategy to combat monkeypox

WASHINGTON: US health authorities approved a novel injection technique for the monkeypox vaccine that should allow more individuals to be immunized with the same amount of the drug at a time when doses are running low in the US.

The Food and Drug Administration also permitted administering the vaccine to anyone under the age of 18 who are at a high risk of infection.

For adults over 18, the vaccination can now be administered intradermally or between the upper layers of skin rather than subcutaneously.

The new approach will “up to fivefold enhance the total number of doses available for usage,” according to an FDA statement.

Two shots, separated by four weeks, will still be required.

The FDA stated that it relied on data from a 2015 clinical trial that demonstrated a comparable immunological response across those who received a subcutaneous injection and those who received a fifth dose through intradermal injection.

Approximately 620,000 doses of the vaccine, made by Bavarian Nordic and marketed in the United States under the name Jynneos, have been delivered throughout the country.

The remaining 440,000 extra doses could allow for up to 2,200,000 injections under the current plan.

The government has also ordered an additional five million pills, which will begin to arrive in September and continue until 2023, allowing 25 million doses to be administered.

The decisions were made following the FDA’s issuance of an emergency use permit for the vaccine, which followed last week’s public health emergency declaration.

The FDA stated that it had studied safety data for the vaccination and data for another smallpox vaccine administered to children before approving use in minors.

At a news conference, Peter Marks of the FDA stated, in reference to a recent rise in the number of youngsters who may have been exposed to infected individuals, “We are extremely confident in the safety of the approach.”

Nearly 9,000 cases of monkeypox have been reported in the United States, with a fifth of them occurring in New York state. In the vast majority of cases, guys have had sex with other men.