There is hope polio will be eradicated from Pakistan: UNICEF

The global director of UNICEF says that they are hopeful for the eradication of polio from Pakistan, currently there is polio virus in 6 districts of Pakistan.

UNICEF’s anti-polio program global director, Steven Lauvrier, has said that he is hopeful for the eradication of polio from Pakistan, we currently have 6 districts in Pakistan in which the polio virus is still present, so we should pay more attention to these districts.

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In a statement on Friday, he further said that in these districts children under five years of age should be vaccinated against polio.

Steven Lauvrier said , we need more efforts to eradicate polio from Pakistan. It will be a success not only for Pakistan but also for the whole world.

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Lauvrier said that the challenges in the polio program are that we have to reach every child, so we cannot leave any child out because eradicating such a disease is not an easy task, it takes a lot of effort to eradicate it. For which the most difficult task is to convince people to vaccinate their children against polio in order to eliminate this disease from the world.

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