There is only a 10% chance of Pakistan going bankrupt, Ishaq Dar

Finance Minister Ishaq Dar says that according to Bloomberg there is only a 10% chance of Pakistan going bankrupt.

In a Twitter message, Finance Minister Ishaq Dar said that the possibility of bankruptcy in the next one year has been kept to the lowest level, Pakistan will continue to honor all its financial commitments.

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Ishaq Dar said that a political leader presented a 93 percent chance of the country going bankrupt.

It should be noted that the monetary policy committee of the State Bank reviewed the economic situation of the country and approved the monetary policy for the next one and a half months. 

This is the second monetary policy after the arrival of Finance Minister Ishaq Dar. Prior to this, the monetary policy was being tightened continuously in view of rising inflation and under this policy, the interest rate has been increased by 625 basis points so far this year.

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