This is not Afghanistan or Iraq, but the US Capital: Exclaimed Dobbs

Washington, 20th January: Washington DC, the US capital, has been cordoned off, with military trucks and barbed wires with concrete blocks in several places.

According to sources, a renowned journalist from a local TV channel was moved to see the extraordinary situation in the city, While, addressed the American citizens, he said,” Folks this is not Afghanistan or Iraq, but the capital of the United States”.

The US anchorperson Lou Dobbs from Fox Business had said on Jan 18 that he was born and raised in Washington, but he is seeing the city in this condition for the first time in his life. He said that the city’s roads and streets have been closed by parking military vehicles across the city.

Meanwhile, a reporter for a foreign broadcaster said that in order to bring these extraordinary events of history to the public, journalists, photographers and cameramen from different languages, regions and races of the world have been roaming the streets of Washington all night.

Journalists have been granted special permits for coverage, but are not allowed to travel to Capitol Hill or the White House.

A reporter on the way to the White House said military personnel were seen taking pictures of journalists walking the streets of Washington for coverage.

“They’re taking pictures of us, and we’re taking pictures of them,” he said, laughing. “The roads leading to Capitol Hill and the White House, including Pennsylvania Avenue, New York, Virginia and 6th Avenue, are under surveillance, and no one is around.”

He added that troops and trucks can be seen everywhere on the ground, while helicopters are flying very low in the air.

According to reports, some 25,000 US National Guard are present in the US Capitol to protect the virtual inauguration ceremony of the president-elect Joe Biden today.

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