Threat of a Civil War: Agencies give a warning to Modi

New Delhi, 29th January: Agencies in India have given a clear warning to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to begin a civil war in the country.

Baaghi TV: The threat of a civil war arose after the Khalistan flag was hoisted at the Red Fort in Delhi a couple of days back.

Amit Shah, the Minister of Home Affairs, called a two-hour meeting and led the meeting where he decided that the Sikhs would be taught a lesson, but suddenly the situation came to a critical level overnight.

It turned out that Amit Shah was fully prepared and had alerted his army and Delhi Police to abruptly reverse the decision. He said why should you stop the operation because the report of the Intelligence Bureau came on emergency bases and it was said that if you attack the Sikhs, which are about 12 lakh in Delhi and about 3.5 million Sikhs from Haryana, Punjab and other places will also come together and a situation of civil war will arise in Delhi.

He thought that just like the Muslims would sit there in silence in Shaheen Bagh and did not take any action, the Sikhs would also sit in silence.

However, he made a wrong decision even though the intelligence agencies had warned him earlier.

Now they have been warned that if they make the slightest mistake, Delhi will become a battlefield. The spark will spread to the whole of Punjab and then the Khalistan movement will gain momentum.

As per reports, PM Modi was fully prepared to kill the Sikhs but has now halted the orders due to reports
of an emerging civil war in the country.

According to further reports, the Modi government has strategically taken down the BJP thugs in the field whom they are calling as the common people who have come to desecrate the tricolour flag.

Sources have informed that the same thugs are protesting against the Sikhs in New Delhi. Some protestors among them can die and Sikhs will also be killed.

And as per their strategic planning, they will call it Hindu-Sikh riots and launch an operation against the Sikhs.

Now it is time for the enemy to burn in the fire, the same fire that it wanted to set in Pakistan years ago.

The game now seems to be entering an exciting phase.

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