Tik Tok to pay billions for misuse of children’s private information

The popular video-sharing Chinese application Tik Tok, is facing legal action from former UK Children’s Commissioner Anne Longfield.

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The claim has been filed by the UK’s former Children’s Commissioner Anne Longfield, on behalf of the children in the UK and the EU. If Longfield wins the case, each affected child could receive thousands of pounds in compensation.

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Lawyers for the case say Tik Tok collected the personal information of millions of children in the UK and EU alone, including phone numbers, videos, location and biometric data, without warning, transparency and legal requirements. According to reports, the children and their parents are not even aware of the misuse of information. On the other hand, Tik Tok administration has said that this case has been made without any merit and they will fight a legal battle in the court.

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In a statement, Tik Tok has said, “Privacy is our number one priority and we have the best policies, procedures and technologies to protect all users, especially children and adolescents”.

According to reports, Tik Tok has over 800 million users worldwide and has managed to generate a revenue of up to to billions in the last year alone, through its parent app Bite Dance. Meanwhile, the petitioner has stated that the information collected through Tik Tok is a “gross violations of UK and EU data protection laws”.

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This is not the first time that Tik Tok has been embroiled in such a controversy. In 2019, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) imposed a record fine of 7 5.7 million on the Chinese application for mishandling of children’s data. In South Korea, as well as in the United Kingdom, the application has been fined for collecting children’s information on investigations by the commissioner’s office.

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