TikTok App Extends Video Duration For Users

The world-famous Chinese video sharing app Tiktok has increased the duration of videos for users to three minutes, which is three times longer than before.

According to media reports, this announcement was made by TikTok yesterday. The number of TikTok users worldwide has reached close to one billion, of which 100 million are in the United States alone.

“Long videos will give Tiktoker’s the opportunity to create better content on the platform,” said Drewkorchev, Tiktoker’s product manager.

He said that earlier the duration was short but now users will be able to make long duration videos.

Earlier, Tiktok announced the introduction of a new feature that will allow users to embed mini apps in their videos.

This feature is called Jumps, for example if a user makes a cooking video they can embed a link to the recipe app in it, allowing viewers to check out the recipe with the click of a button.

This feature is currently undergoing testing and is only available to specific tik tokers, but tiktok owner says that this feature will be made available to more people for testing.

When viewing a video with a jump feature, viewers will see a button at the bottom of the screen that will open the content in a new screen within Tiktok.