Tips for a Healthy Life

Episode 2: Life Tips by Mehreen

Looking for a place to find the guidelines for a healthy life? Head on over to watch “Life Tips by Mehreen”.

Healthy eating doesn’t mean you have to go on a strict diet rather it means you eat everything, you taste every dish but in an organized and planned way. The foremost meal is breakfast; you should eat egg, toast, fruit in the breakfast and the perfect time to take breakfast before 9 am as timing plays an important role in metabolizing body.

Then the ideal time to take lunch is 01:30 pm however, due to off timings of our schools and colleges is 02 pm, therefore the lunch must be take by 02:30 pm. It is mandatory for those students to take lunch who don’t take breakfast properly, and for those students who take breakfast properly it is advised to drink milk and eat salads  at the lunch time.

The best time for supper is 07:30 pm but due to our habit of taking supper late at night, it is advised not to take supper after 08 pm as the stomach requires time to digest food.

Fruits should be taken on empty stomachs as the effective time for eating fruits is, when a person’s stomach is empty. The intake of fruit after meal is not effective at all as this leads to such as fat and diabetes.

The most important element for living a healthy life is exercise. It could be a walk, running, workout in gym, aerobics etc. Exercise is as necessary, for living a healthy life, as breath is for life.

The last element, for living a healthy life, but not the least is to stay happy. It is necessary for body and soul.

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