Torrential rains cause flooding in sectors of Islamabad

Overnight rains have led to urban flooding in the twin cities, especially in Sector H-13 where the rainwater has been reported to have entered houses.

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Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) managing director informed in a statement Islamabad and Rwalpindi have experienced 60 millimetres of rain. There was 17 feet of water recorded in Rawalpindi’s natural water stream, Nullah Lai.

He said that the water level in this Nullah was decreasing and that the emergency situation would be dealt with by the army’s contingents that were monitoring the water level in the Nullah.

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The MD WASA further informed that the rain damaged the walls of a Nullah in Islamabad’s Sector H-13 collapsed where many vehicles have been trapped by the water.
According to the Rawalpindi Commissioner, because of fears of flooding in Nullah Lai, relevant bodies have been alerted, adding that water levels were being monitored with the WASA machinery on alert to deal with this.

The Commisioner has instructed the Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) to ensure the system is updated on alerts and also to communicate any thrat of flooding to the people. Authorities have been told to drain water from low-lying areas before submitting a report on this.

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In the parameters of Bani Gala’s police station, four children had been trapped in Korang Nullah but were fortunately rescued.

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