Tory Rebellion against Priti Patel’s plans to process asylum seekers

Home Secretary of the United Kingdom (UK), Priti Patel’s plans to process asylum seekers are being met with friction by the Tory Members of Parliament (MP) who claim the borders bill is ‘clearly ridiculous’.

According to British Daily, The Guardian, those in opposition to the proposed borders bill are not sure if they have enough support to defeat the Home Secretary. However, they are optimistic that they may be able to gather the support of dozens of MPs ahead of the voting on Tuesday. 

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The bill proposed by Patel aims to create a ‘global resettlement scheme’ that will enable support to approximately 10,000 refugees fleeing war-torn regions across the globe. This is a significant move in light of the current political scenario considering Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. 

British MP Andrew Mitchell has reportedly described the move as a “practical failure” adding that the UK government’s use of Ascension Island as a processing center is nothing short of “absurd”, risking the health and safety of the vulnerable, namely women and children. 

 The borders bill is scheduled to return to the House of Commons on Tuesday. Tory MPs are of the opinion that they may be able to rally in support enough MPs to disapprove the bill. It is pertinent to note that for the bill to be overturned, the government’s 77-seat majority needs to be shaken. 

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According to Mitchell, the move would cost British taxpayers up to £250k a year. Meanwhile, the government has reported a shift in public attitude towards accepting Ukrainian refugees, seeking asylum in the UK. In addition, David Davis, formerly known as Brexit Secretary has stated that it seems unlikely the asylum seekers would be sent away. Davis added, “If you can’t do it to a Ukrainian asylum seeker, how are you going to do it to anyone else?”

According to The Guardian, the Conservatives are urging others to support the amendment in order to create a safe “resettlement scheme” to effectively meet the requirements during the crisis. In an email since circulated within political circles, it has been said, that the UK government should not have to “experience the chaos of the last few weeks or the months of chaos following the fall of Kabul”. 

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Moreover, a spokesperson for the Home Office said, “Our nationality and borders bill … will fix our broken asylum system so we prevent people from making dangerous journeys to the UK and protect the those in need through safe and legal routes. The spokesperson added that the government will not be deterred from following through on its plans to deliver what the people want.

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