Tourist falls from famous Hussaini Bridge into Hunza River 


Tourist falls from famous Hussaini Bridge in Hunza

In an unfortunate incident, a tourist is missing after falling from the famous Hussaini Suspension Bridge in Gojal, Hunza.

Assistant Commissioner Gojal has sealed the bridge till the completion of a police investigation regarding the incident.

According to the local Administration, the missing tourist was a resident of Sindh, as reported by Pamir Times.

Hussaini Suspension Bridge is a swaying and hanging bridge, away from the road at a distance of 300 kilometers toward the river downward.

Due to the massive gaps between the planks and the wild swing, this bridge is a ‘dangerous’ but a highly famous tourist destination.

Rescue 1122 recovered body of a tourist who fell from the famous Hussaini Bridge in Gojal, Hunza.

Hussaini Suspension Bridge?

There is Passu Town in Gilgit Baltistan, in Gojal , the area of upper Hunza, in front of Passu Cones (Cathedral peaks), over Karakorum highway.

Passu is a few kilometers away from Hussaini, a small town situated on the backside of the mountains.

‘Welcome to Hussaini’ is also mentioned on the mountain.