Trade between Afghanistan & China resumes

Trade between Afghanistan and China has restarted, as consignment of Afghan dry fruits reaches China.

According to details, China has reactivated direct air trade links to help the Taliban rulers deal with the deepening economic and humanitarian crisis in war-torn neighboring Afghanistan.

Air trade between China and Afghanistan has resumed and a large number of chickpeas have been exported from Afghanistan to China. A Kam Air plane carrying 45 tons of chickpeas arrived in Shanghai from the Afghan capital Kabul.

Bilal Karimi, a spokesman for the Taliban government, told VOA that the export of chickpeas was the result of recent broader “good talks” between Kabul and Beijing.

Trade between Afghanistan & China resumes

“We expect progress in other areas of bilateral trade in the coming days.”

After the departure of the cargo flight, Chinese Ambassador to Kabul Wang Yu said in a tweet that the first flight of pine nuts this year left for China with Chilgoze [dry fruit]. As global air transport is still limited, China and Afghanistan have overcome numerous difficulties and arranged flights, which will solve the problem of Afghan farmers, and strengthen trade relations between the two countries.

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He wrote that China firmly adheres to the friendly policy for all Afghan people, in addition to providing more humanitarian assistance to Afghans. Foreign Minister (FM) confirmed flights for Muttaqi. Tens of thousands of tons of pine nuts will be exported to China in the coming months.

Wang Yu added:

“The multi-million dollar income would benefit many Afghan farmers. The small chickpeas would bring happiness to the Afghan people and good taste to the Chinese people. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. “

China is one of the largest importers of chickpeas from Afghanistan and started trading by air in November 2018. Recently, Afghan and Chinese foreign ministers met in Doha, the capital of Qatar. The Chinese counterpart was presented with a gift of chickpeas. After this meeting, trade between China and Afghanistan has also started.

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