Travelers Face Trouble at Spin Boldak, Chaman Crossings

Afghan travelers along the Spin Boldak and Chaman crossings along the Durand Line said they face many challenges while crossing.

According to people interviewed by TOLOnews, residents who live near the Durand Line, particularly people living in nearby Qila Abdullah and Chaman, can cross with either with Kandahar-issued or Pakistani ID cards, while other Afghans with legal documents must wait several days.

Bismillah, who is a resident of Ghazni, said that he has tried twice to cross into Pakistan but has not been allowed.

“We were not allowed, we were told that we should have a passport or a sick visa in order to pass at the crossing,” said Bismillah, a resident of Ghazni.

“Yesterday I went three times to the crossing, they sent us back, there were women also with us, they mistreated us and also the women. They threw away our IDs,” Abdul Rahman Shah, a resident of Uruzgan, told TOLOnews.

According to residents of Kandahar, sometimes even those residents of Kandahar who have ID cards and legal documents cannot cross.

Citizens asked the Islamic Emirate to solve the problem permanently.

“This is the third time that we have gone, they send us back and do not accept our Kandahar ID cards and they are not allowing us through,” said Khan Wali, a resident of Kandahar.

Meanwhile, local officials in Kandahar said that they are trying to solve this problem through dialogue with Pakistani officials.

“We have talked to the Pakistani officials about this problem so that all the people of Afghanistan can move freely so that there is no gap between them and their relatives,” said Hafiz Esmatullah, an official.