Trembling Prestige of Muslims

The art of losing is not hard to master, so many thinks seems filled with the intent to be lose that their loss has no disaster. I remembered the poem by Elizabeth bishop. And realized that we as Muslim nation losing our dignity day by day. If I describe the crux of Muslim history then we will get to know that we have a prestigious background. Primarily, I would like to mention great empire of Mughal Saltanat. What do you think what was the reason for the disintegration of Mughal Saltanat? We lack the determination, upon which our second caliph Hazrat Umar conquers the whole region of Middle East. And then we episodically ignored our own values. Our demise has not paused on the decline of Mughals, The great Ottoman Empire has been disintegrated and the colonial countries of that great Empire have been divided in the western powerful countries like France and Britain.

Today none of Muslim country in the Middle East is free from the international intervention, whether the involvement is direct or by proxy. In fact the tragedy of 9/11 was like a heralded, indicates that something is about to happened. Apparently the observable or short term effects of 9/11 was the great disaster of American as lose of hundreds of lives, but if we throw some light on the unseen or long term effects, we realize that after 9/11 USA got access to the Muslim countries by invading Afghanistan in 2001 and Iraq in 2003, access to the territory of Pakistan by using air passage toward Afghanistan. And then on the base of capitalism USA is involved in the every Muslim country. Further more in the shade of Arab spring in 2011; none of Middle Eastern country is free from the involvement of USA and other major powers like Russia and china.

Now how can we forget the Muslims of Kashmir and Palestine? For seventy years Kashmir is suffering along with the Muslims of Palestine. But the perspective of US is different in both situations. In the situation of Palestine, US directly and powerfully support Israel, but in Kashmir it didn’t directly support or oppose India over their violation, because there are several strategic agreements between them. O the other side we know that the elite class of US is Jews then how can we say that Jews in Israel will deprive from the shadow of US humble services. I would mention here a dispute of Taiwan here, struggling for their independence from china, and here US is diplomatically supporting Taiwan over china on the base of theory of capitalism, but the situation opposite towards Israel.

Almost 80% Muslims are under the influence of major powers mainly US, Russia and china. Let’s take off the umbrella of optimism that whole situation will be alright automatically. The positive thing is that grateful work is started with the collaboration of Pakistan and Turkey for the unity of Muslims. Iran has always stood for their sovereignty, with all of the sanctions and obstacles in their journey of making of uranium. We should sign more agreements bilaterally and multilaterally as well. More international organizations like OIC, should be formulated to bring all Muslim stats into one platform and work for development. Off course art of losing is not hard to master but what if we could stop losing more?


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