Trrring… the Rematch, Pre-Round Preparations

It appears that India and Pakistan are on the verge for a rematch in the vales of Heavens, turned into a purgatory and a nightmare of misery and torture for the Kashmiris, by the Indian rogue army of cowardly assassins.

For the last few days intense Indian shelling is taking place in the Titwal and Athmuqam Sectors. With some shells even landing as deep as 30 kilometers inside Azad Kashmir. There is a new low in the Indian aggression by using the internationally banned cluster bombs. Though it is not being reported openly, I am sure our troops are not sitting idly by, watching the fireworks, twiddling their thumbs, and are retaliating appropriately.

Ceasefire violations are not really eyebrows raising. This time however, it is a bit different. There are reports of about additional 38000 troops(that is about ten brigades strength), being inducted into the valley. And Hindu yatrees being told to return to their homes. And the public being told by the govt to stock up essential goods. And travel advisories being given by many western countries. And Indian claims of Pakistani troops or mujahideen crossing the LOC. All these are indications of a sinister Indian plot.

What are the reasons for this sudden outburst of ceasefire violations by India? Reasons are several. Could be one or a combination of some or all of them, as explained below.

  • The Indians want a rematch of the last bout, in Feb, in which they got a bloody nose, and much loss of face. A probable reason.
  • There is an upsurge in the freedom fighters’ activities, which have graduated from sporadic actions to the level of insurgency. And the Indians want to suppress it with even more force. The ground reality supports this assumption.
  • The Indians have lost patience(and logic) and want to resort to the heinous crime of genocide. Also feared by Mr Gillani, as mentioned by him in his now viral SOS tweet. Hmmm…not very high on my list of Indian hypotheses.
  • The Indians, on advice of Israelis, want to change the legal status of Kashmir, by declaring Hindu dominated Jammu as a state and proclaiming the rest as Union Territory, to be ruled directly by New Dehli. This evil step is also feared by Gillani and other Kashmiri freedom fighters. Thus the reason of induction of additional troops, so as to control a severe backlash which is likely because of this step. But why raise the ante against Pakistan by resorting to massive ceasefire violations, if this is the reason? Or is this the other way round. That is, fearing the Indian design of constitutional changes, we have started this round of violations, as claimed by the Indians. This Indian attempt to alter the legal status of Kashmir appears to be quite plausible, and on the agenda of RSS and BJP.
  • The usual false flag operation. Claiming an attack on some posts and capture of Indian soldiers in Titwal sector, by our troops. This would be a serious escalation by us for no particular logical reason, and the claim seems unfounded.Therefore, it is only a false flag operation for a more sinister reason.
  • Rattled by the successful visit of IK to USA, Modi may want to raise the bogey of cross border terrorism and intrusion of ‘terrorists’. In order to dampen American and international support for Pakistan. Seems a very childish reason, like two siblings fighting over the attention of their mother.
  • And lastly and the least probable reason of them all, Modi is responding to the SOS call to India by Maryam Safdar, as reported in a section of the press. Not very convincing, in my reckoning.
    Whatever the reason, Pakistan has to prepare itself for the military and diplomatic battle that seems to be looming over the horizon. We should not be caught off guard and napping. We should defend our territorial boundaries and airspace with our utmost strength.

We should go all out to win the diplomatic battle at the UN, the West, China and with our Arab friends. On the economic front we are already on a weak wicket. We cannot afford a full 13 rounds match. On the political front we have weaknesses, some holes need to be plugged.

On the motivational level vis a vis India, we are probably on the high. Our training standards and battle SOPs should be better due to prolonged employment on anti terrorism actions.

Our overall strength and battle stamina has always been on the lower side. So our only weaknesses are on the economic, political and battle stamina fronts. If we can deliver the knockout punches in the first few rounds, we can In Sha Allah win the next bout as well.


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