Trump administration’s front liner Pompeo to join Fox news

Washington, April 9 2021: Mike Pompeo, ex secretary of state and a front liner in the Donald Trump administration has been hired as  a “contributor” on Fox News.

Following this announcement, Pompeo told press, “I intend to give viewers a candid, no-nonsense look at geopolitics, international relations and the America First policies that helped chart the course for unprecedented American prosperity and security.”

Fox News Media CEO Suzanne Scott sang Pompeo’s praises saying he was America’s most recognized and respected voices on foreign policy and national security.

Pompeo who was previously CIA director, took up the post of secretary of state from his predecessor Rex Tillerson in April 2018 until the end of the Trump administration in January 2021. Recently, Pompeo has joined calls for the US to boycott the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. He was on the front lines of the Trump administration’s standoff with China.

The media outlet which has been embroiled in controversies over Trump’s untrue allegations of 2020 election rigging, which Fox backed up saying voting machine maker Dominion was culpable, has hired other members of the Trump orbit in recent months, including his daughter-in-law and campaign advisor Lara Trump and former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany.

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