Trust building between public and police main objective: IG Punjab 



Lahore: Inspector General of Police Punjab Rao Sardar Ali Khan has said that I am thankful to Allah Almighty for giving me the honor of heading the largest Police Force in Pakistan. He further said that protection of life and property of the people and building trust between public and police by maintaining supremacy of law in the society is our real objective. Focus on public friendly policing is my top priority. Recruitment on merit, transparency in transfer posting and upgrading the investigation system and impartial accountability is significant part of my policy, he added.
IGP directed the police force to change its attitudes and work for immediate redressal of citizens’ problems with true spirit. He reiterated that change in general image of police through trust building between public and police is the need of hour. He further added that no effort should be spared for provision of best service delivery and justice to the aggrieved with effective use of modern technology. Mr Rao said that the main task of the police is to maintain law and order by helping the oppressed. The message added that supervisory officers should spend maximum time in the field to control crime and improve police image. “I am convinced to everyone’s self respect, so it will not be tolerated for any officer or official to insult or misbehave with citizens and their seniors and juniors,” and strict departmental action will be taken against them for such misconduct, he added. “In my view, suspension or transfer is not a punishment for those who either lack interest in solving problems of the citizens or hurt their self-esteem and such persons will be no longer part of department,” he stressed upon he. IGP further added that police service is great opportuinity to beautify this world and the hereafter. Therefore, we should use all our energies and powers to solve the problems of the citizens and bring the oppressors to justice. These directions have been sent by IG Punjab in his policy message to all offices and officials posted in all field formations of Punjab police
In his message to the force, IG Punjab further said that as the Chief of Punjab Police, the entire force is like a family to me, so injustice and abuse will not be acceptable to anyone. IGP said that the martyrs are the pride of the police department and provision of best welfare to their families is among my priorities. He vowed that steps would be taken to enhance the professional capabilities and efficiency of the force. Moreover, modern policing softwares would be utilized for the change at the police station level. IGP said that no effort should be spared in fulfilling the responsibility entrusted to us to uphold the writ of the state.