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Pakistan has no game plan and no strategy to stop this genocide unleashed on innocent women and children of Kashmir.

LAHORE: Pakistan have failed in diplomatic war over Kashmir issue as brutality of Indian Army still continues in Kashmir.

Tension is mounting once again between India and Pakistan after Islamabad’s announcement that it would downgrade diplomatic ties and halt trade with India over New Delhi’s unilateral decision to eliminate the autonomous status of Indiaheld part of Kashmir  known as Jammu and Kashmir. Pakistan and India both rule the disputed Himalayan territory of Kashmir in part, but claim it in full. The restive region is a flash point between the nuclear-armed archrivals.  Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan called the Indian government’s action on Kashmir “illegal,” and said his government would raise the issue at the UN Security Council. Fawad Chaudhry, Pakistan’s minister for science and technology, called for Islamabad to cut diplomatic ties with New Delhi. Islamabad’s move to end bilateral trade, which is already sluggish and is currently valued annually at only a few billion dollars, will not have a significant impact on India’s economy.



Pakistan have failed in diplomatic war as most of the countries stands with India over Kashmir issue. Even some Muslim Countries backs Indian opinion over Kashmir issue. Islamic nations honoured Indian PM Modi with highest civilian awards. Modi was honoured with the ‘Order of Zayed’, the UAE’s highest civilian award. Moreover, Narendra Modi was also honoured with “The King Hamad Order of the Renaissance” in Manama as he held talks with King of Bahrain Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa on various bilateral and regional issues. Whereas while sitting next to American President Donald Trump, Narendra Modi clearly said “Kashmir is a bilateral issue between Pakistan and India, and we will solve it, there is no need of other country’s involvement in this issue”  Be clear that before this statement passed by Narendra Modi, President Trump offers India and Pakistan to solve Kashmir issue. But as soon as Narendra Modi clears Kashmir issue is bilateral, Trump took U-Turn over Kashmir issue and said “Kashmir is bilateral issue between Pakistan and India and they should solve it by their own”.



Members of the United Nations Security Council refrained from calling for an emergency session on the disputed Kashmir region. They urged India and Pakistan to resolve the matter bilaterally. The ongoing Kashmir crisis was just one of several topics that the 15-member UN council discussed  in a “consultative” meeting. The 15-member council met behind closed doors at the request of China and Pakistan after India removed the decades-old autonomy the Muslim-majority territory of Jammu and Kashmir enjoyed under the Indian constitution. China rarely requests Security Council meetings.



As far as current situation concerns, Pakistan have failed in diplomatic war. Pakistan has no plan to stop genocide killings in Kashmir. Moreover, India understands how Washington works. But Pakistan remains clueless and a complete diplomatic failure to prevent India’s state terror in Kashmir. Pakistan has no game plan and no strategy to stop this genocide unleashed on innocent women and children of Kashmir. The truth is Phone calls, letters, tweets and media appearances in Pakistan has not and will not move the needle period.


It seems that Pakistan do not have any plan how to handle Kashmir issue on Diplomatic level. But India’s misinformation campaign against Pakistan continues in Washington.

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