TTP vs Coronavirus : A Deja Vu

I remember the times when terrorism was at its peak in Pakistan. Suicide Bombings were daily norm and we were getting tired of counting the dead. Such was the death wave that if on a given day the number of dead were less than 10, we would rejoice and celebrate.

‘Coronavirus has exposed many people’: Faisal Bukhari

I still remember the criticism and ridicule of my peers and colleagues whenever I tried to console the people. They used to paint a doomsday scenario where Islamabad was about to be taken by TTP and my every effort to create a narrative of Pakistan being victorious was ridiculed and criticized with impunity. I used to get confused as to why people don’t want to hear positive narratives. It was media indoctrination may be. We won that battle hands down. Didn’t we?

12,218 suspected cases of coronavirus across Pakistan: Dr. Zafar Mirza

Its like a deja vu for me today. Corona outbreak is treated just the same in my circle and may be in the whole country. Anyone who is trying to create optimism is being ridiculed and criticized. When there are just a few dead people in Pakistan due to COVID-19, my people don’t want to believe in the figures.

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They want to hear doomsday stories. They want to believe that tens and thousands are going to die. They want to believe that the world is over. They firmly believe that the worst is yet to come: or unfortunately should come.

Faisal Bukhari

At the cost of being criticised, here is my take on this Pandemic. Yes, there will be deaths. Yes, the number of cases will rise. Yes, the hospitals will be tested to capacity. Yes, the spread is yet to be determined. But, lockdown the country, put a curfew, see dead bodies in bags and bags in military trucks, watch doomsday for real, live in an apocalyptic movie – A BIG NO!

Asim Jofa prepares protective suits for medical workers

We will win and will defeat this challenge. Of course we will lose something and gain something. We will have casualties but the worst casualty that I am fearing could be the OPTIMISM! We will win this battle too. Wont we?

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Coronavirus: Death toll rises to 24, total cases surge pass 1700

Stay Safe. Stay Home. Connect with Loved Ones. Stay POSITIVE!!

Faisal Bukhari

Baaghi TV urges you to play your part as a respectable citizen by staying at home to ensure the safety of yourself, your loved ones and the community.

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