Tulsa Hospital shooting leaves several dead, others injured

Multiple people have been confirmed dead in a shooting in a Tulsa hospital. According to reports, police are engaged in an evacuation operation and have confirmed that the shooter is dead.

 According to details, the police are conducting an evacuation operation for survivors of the Tulsa hospital campus shooting by choosing a floor-by-floor approach. Richard Meulenberg of the Tulsa police confirmed that multiple people have been shot while the suspected shooter has been confirmed dead. 

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Initial reports confirmed the deaths of three victims. A spokesperson for the Tulsa police said that the hospital has hundreds of rooms that need to be checked out during evacuation. A witness at the scene, Debra Proctor said that she was at the hospital for an appointment and had been leaving when she noticed the “Police cars were lined up everywhere and on the surrounding roads”. Proctor added that despite her experience as a nurse, the scene was “pretty shocking”. Although the police reports confirmed that the shooter had died, they did not confirm whether the suspect was shot by the authorities or had resorted to self-harm. 

Following the reports of the hospital shooting, officials confirmed the White House had been briefed on the situation. They added that the White House is closely monitoring the post-shooting situation.

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According to CNN reports, Tulsa police organized a press conference during which Deputy Chief Eric Dalgleish confirmed that the shooter’s death “is self-inflicted”. Dalgleish added that they have yet to identify the shooter. He did, however, confirm that the suspect had on him a rifle and handgun. 

Cliff Robertson a doctor at the St. Francis Health System said that the shooting is a “senseless” and “incomprehensible act”. Meanwhile, Governor Oklahoma, Kevin Stitt, issued a statement urging the residents of Oklahoma to lend support to the victims and their families. The statement read, “What happened today in Tulsa is a senseless act of violence and hatred”. Stitt continued to express gratitude towards the actions of the Tulsa police and other first responders who reached the scene within minutes. 

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Speaking with CNN, Meulenberg of the Tulsa police department said that less than ten other injured have been identified. Although the cause of their injuries is yet to be determined, it is believed they are not suffering from any life-threatening ailments. 

In the wake of the incident, the St. Francis Health System issued a statement on Facebook confirming that the Warren clinics in Tulsa and its surrounding areas will remain closed. 

Full Statement

Gun Violence Archive, a non-profit organization has confirmed that the Tulsa hospital shooting is the 233rd incident of its kind involving firearms, across the US in 2022. 

Sharing the latest update from the scene on Twitter, Tulsa Police confirmed five dead including the shooter at the Natalie Building on the St. Francis Hospital Campus.

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