Turkey mayor delivers school books by donkey

TURKEY, Oct 31 (XINHUA/APP):Osman Turkyilmaz, mayor of Kirikkale province’s Yahsihan district in central Turkey has found an interesting way to raise public awareness of reading. He walked with a donkey and distributed books from a saddlebag on the back of the donkey.

The idea came from an old story that he liked and decided to use as a good way to attract the students’ attention to reading.

“We regularly come together to read books every month. Last month, it was a neighborhood meeting, and today we are here in Bedesten forest of Yahsihan district with kids and university students all together,” Turkyilmaz said.

“We have distributed the books with donkeys as the story tells: There was a library man in Nevsehir province, uncle Mustafa, who used to walk around with donkeys to hand out books to people as no one went to the library to read. That is why we did the same to create awareness of reading.

Awareness campaign in full swing to promote importance of girls education

We will establish a reading camp and spend the night here.” Hundreds of students from different levels of education as well as eager parents came together in the camping event. “We have come here for the reading camp.

It is called ‘the youth camp under the light of books’. So, we are here to read,” said one of the students from primary school. Similar reading activities are encouraged to promote literacy development of people of all ages, the young in particular.

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