Türkiye, Russia prepare for talks on Syria

Two weeks ago, President Recep Erdogan announced that Türkiye intends to launch offensives against the Kurdish YPG militia in Syria that it deems a group of terrorists.

Türkiye is planning to target the Tal Rifaat, Manbij and other regions further East.

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Subsequently, The Russian and Syrian government have strengthened their forces in northern Syria where the attacks are expected and, according to a Syrian National Army spokesman, Russia is reinforcing regions within 40km of the Turkish border.

Türkiye’s Defense Minister Hulusi Akar said to Sergei Shoigu of Russia that, “the necessary response will be given to actions aimed at disrupting the stability achieved in the region and the presence of terrorists is not acceptable.”

The defense ministry informed that Akar mentioned the need to honor previous agreements about the region.

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Russia has also warned against an exacerbation of the military struggle in the area. Russia and Türkiye are, therefore, preparing for talks in Ankara today about the expected offensives.

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Türkiye and Russia have a history of close ties but this political climate threatens to ruin relations. Russia risks losing Türkiye’s mediation in the Ukraine crisis, while Türkiye requires support from Russia in order to keep the situation in check after its intended military operations which would challenge the US- backed Syrian Democratic Forces.

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At the moment, there has been no great action taken by Türkiye but there are reports of increased rocket and artillery exchanges since the President’s announcement.

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