Turkmenistan offers assistance to energy-struggling Pakistan

As Pakistan continues to struggle with its energy crisis, Turkmenistan’s Ambassador and Dean of Diplomatic Corps Mr. Atadjan Movlamov has suggested the possibility of energy-rich Ashgabat coming to Islamabad’s aid in meeting the rising demand of electricity and gas in the country. 

During his visit to the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI), Mr. Atadjan Movlamov told the business community that Turkmenistan desires more trade access to Pakistan as due to its land-locked geographical location, the country faces immense difficulties in conducting bilateral trade.

Highlighting the significance of transit trade for Turkmenistan, the diplomat said that Gwadar and Karachi ports were the shortest route to strengthen bilteral trade between Islamabad and Ashgabat.

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Giving a presentation on the Tapi gas pipeline project, Mr. Atadjan Movlamov stressed that Turkmenistan was producing electricity at a very cheap rate, which would help Pakistan to meet the energy demands of its rapidly growing population.

The ambassador said that Turkmenistan and Pakistan have a huge potential of bilateral trade that can be enhanced through people-to-people contacts, adding that both countries should be connected through an optic fiber cable via the Arabian Sea, which will prove immensely beneficial for Pakistan.

ICCI President Ahsan Zafar Bakhtawari stressed the need for giving a boost to the economic ties as both sides had the potential to engage in trade of many goods.

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