Twitch in a State of Panic – Criticizing a Server Fault for a Significant Data Leak

IT'S MASSIVE! It's all due to a setup update. 

Twitch’s breach is genuine, it’s enormous, and cybersecurity experts are appalled by the magnitude of the attack: “This is as worst as it gets.” The hackers say that this is mere “part one” of the breach, including the web’s source code, undisclosed ventures such as a Steam rival, and streams’ profits.

According to the details, Twitch released what was essentially a halting statement earlier and has now expounded on what it thinks happened. According to the Twitch blog:

“We’ve discovered that specific data was exposed to the web as a result of a mistake in a Twitch server configuration modification, which a hostile third party later accessed. Our staff is working quickly to investigate the event.

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“As the inquiry is continuing, we are still attempting to ascertain the full extent of the effect. We recognize that this scenario raises issues, and we would want to address a few of them here while our inquiry is ongoing.”

That is, Twitch attributes this to a human factor: someone configured the company’s servers wrong, allowing hackers to discover and access them. Whether this is a case of human mistake or anything more sinister is unknown at the moment.

Additionally, this remark demonstrates that Twitch is still attempting to comprehend exactly how awful this is.

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Twitch, interestingly, does not specify when this breach occurred, even though the information included in the leak dates back to 2013. Twitch’s statement continues to emphasize that private details such as login details are not in danger and that “Twitch does not keep complete credit card information, and hence were not exposed.”

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Finally, Twitch changed all stream keys “for the sake of safety.”

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