Twitter propagates misinformation throughout the world: Biden

ILLINOIS:  Joe Biden, the vice president of the United States, asserts that Elon Musk purchased a social media platform on Twitter that disseminates lies worldwide.

Twitter laid off 50 percent of its workers on Friday, but the team responsible for stopping the spread of misinformation saw fewer layoffs, the company said, as advertisers reduced spending due to content moderation concerns.

Biden stated at a fundraiser: “And now, what are we all concerned about? Elon Musk acquires a company that broadcasts – that spews – lies throughout the world… In America, there are no editors left. No editors are present. How can we anticipate that children would comprehend the stakes?”

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The press secretary of the White House, Karine Jean-Pierre, had told reporters that Vice President Biden has made it plain that hate speech and misinformation must be reduced.

“This belief extends to Twitter, Facebook, and any other social media sites where people can disseminate false information,” she stated.

Musk has pledged to restore free speech and prevent Twitter from becoming a “hellscape.” For months, though, big marketers have voiced concern with his takeover.