UAE Grants Highest Civilian Award to Indian PM Modi

PM Modi awarded UAE's highest civil award for returning 'runaway' Princess, according to Baaghi TV reports.

According to reports of Baaghi TV, United Arab Emirates has awarded its highest civilian award to Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. 

According to sources, Princess Latifa, daughter of the UAE’s ruler Rashid Bin Muhammad Al Makhtoum, was returned by Indian authorities last year after she tried to flee to America. At the time it was reported that when the Princess was passing a ship some 50 kilometers from Goa, security guards upon special permission from PM Modi stopped the Princess.

Indian PM Narendra Modi allegedly initiated a secret operation of the Coast Guard to help capture and return the ‘runaway’ Princess. It was reported, that upon special authority to halt the boat she was travelling on, after request was made from security officials to secure India’s counter-terrorism and strategic interests to be secured. The ‘extraordinary’ operation that was carried out on the 4th of March to stop Princess Latifa’s ship had included three Coast Guard ships, including the latest offshore ships, Sumerit and Shaurya. Additionally, a helicopter as well as a maritime aircraft were also part of the operation.

Reports confirm that it was then the Princess was handed over to the United Arab Emirates. It was on this service from India, that has resulted in the ruler of UAE awarding Modi with the award.

Moreover, New Delhi had so far refused to confirm or deny the claims and reasons behind the operation. A spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry responded to the Business Standard question by stating that, “the incident has not been brought to our notice”. The Coast Guard did not respond to emails related to the subject either.

It should be noted that the Princess who had fled UAE, had alleged that she had been tortured and did not have any freedom.

It should be noted that the princess who fled the UAE alleged that she was tortured and did not have freedom. There are many steps in her life.


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