UK Parliament members stand up for putting Pakistan on its Red List


Lahore, 7th April: Members of parliament have written a letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson regarding the issue of putting Pakistan on the UK’s Red List of travel ban countries.

Baaghi TV reports that the British citizens will be greatly affected after listing Pakistan and Bangladesh in the Red List of travel ban countries starting from April 9.

There are more than 1.1 million Pakistanis living in the United  Kingdom. However, Pakistan was not given a clear justification for being included in the red list.

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Parliament members expressed that there are serious concerns about the red listing process. Many UK citizens have travelled to those countries in accordance with the Government’s COVID-19 guidelines.

They stated that a vast majority of citizens will have travelled to visit family, including elderly relatives, whom they may not have seen for over a year. They will have already paid for return flights but are now in a position where they will have to pay for new flights in order to return before the ban is put in place.

According to the latest reports, the infection rate in Pakistan is lower than in the UK and the number of coronavirus patients in Pakistan is much lower than in countries that are not on the red list.

Parliaments members have inquired PM Johnson on what basis Pakistan and Bangladesh were put on the red list and the procedure for adding and removing from the red list should also be explained.

The members requested in the letter that they would be grateful if the UK government could clarify when the next review date will be for removing countries from the red list so that constituents can make realistic travel plans.

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