Ukraine accuses Russia of attacking children’s hospital

Ukraine accuses Russia of attacking children's hospital

Mar 10, 2022: According to the British media, Ukraine has accused Russia of bombing a children’s hospital and maternity ward in the port city of Mariupol, injuring 17 people and burying several children under the rubble.

Russia claims it had nothing to do with it while more than 3,000 children were stranded in the affected area without food and medicine. Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has posted a video on Twitter showing the badly damaged hospital building, while sharing the video, calling it “cruelty.”

Hours before the attack, Ukraine’s foreign minister warned that 3,000 children in the city were without access to food or medicine.

Russia said in a statement that it had called a ceasefire so thousands of civilians could evacuate Mariupol and other besieged areas, but Mariupol’s city council said the hospital had been hit several times by air strikes that destroyed it.

The Mariupol complex was hit by a series of explosions, which shattered windows and shattered much of the front of a building, the report said. While the earth shook for a mile. Footage from the blast also showed police and soldiers rushing to the scene to evacuate the victims, including a pregnant woman being carried on a stretcher along with other women.

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelenskyy also shared footage of the alleged attack on Twitter, which showed the building destroyed.

“How long will the world continue to ignore terrorism? Close the sky now! Stop killing! You have the power but you seem to be losing your humanity.” Zelenskyy wrote on twitter.

However, Reuters contacted a Kremlin spokesman, who denied the attack and said Russian forces were not targeting civilian targets.

On the other hand, Russian forces have also arrested more than 400 people from the occupied city of Kharsoon. The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said in a statement that the city of Mariupol had been without power for the past nine days.

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