UNESCO to award prize for Girls and Women’s Education

PARIS, Oct 10 (XINHUA/APP): Two projects from Costa Rica and Spain will be awarded this year’s UNESCO Prize for Girls’ and Women’s Education for their contribution to improving education among women and fight against gender inequality.

The Costa Rican project named “Voices of Central American Girls” run by Sula Batsu association is aimed at empowering girls from vulnerable backgrounds with digital skills.

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Implemented in schools, the plan provides adolescent girls with extracurricular training in digital literacy, technology, and prototyping through coaching and mutual learning.

Another project, “Growing in Equality,” run by the government of Navarre in Spain addresses gender stereotypes in education and beyond with a holistic school program that empowers learners to choose their course in life.

The scheme also promotes an environment free of gender conditioning and enables learners to identify inequalities, fight them and exercise their individual right to equality regardless of culture, religion, sexual orientation or identity.

Each laureate will be awarded 50,000 U.S. dollars at an official ceremony on Oct. 11, according to the United Nations educational and cultural body.

Established in 2015 by UNESCO’s executive board and funded by the Chinese government, the UNESCO Prize for Girls’ and Women’s Education contributes to the achievement of sustainable development targets on education and gender equality.

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