United States condemns attack on Imran Khan and urges all parties to maintain peace

The United States condemned the assassination attempt against PTI Chairman Imran Khan, stating that violence has no place in politics.

“The United States strongly condemns the shooting of Imran Khan at a political gathering,” stated U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Friday.


Blinken's tweet about IK attackWe wish him and all other injured individuals a speedy recovery, and we extend our sympathies to the relatives of the deceased.

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Blinken also urged all political parties in the nation to exhibit restraint by remaining calm, tweeting that “violence has no place in politics.”

The U.S. secretary’s denunciation comes hours after the former Pakistani prime minister was shot during the PTI’s protest march in Gujranwala on Thursday. The attack resulted in the injury of several individuals, including the PTI leader and other party leaders. In the horrific assault, a party activist perished.

The leg of Imran Khan was struck by gunfire. However, he is stable, according to the physician leading the medics tasked with Khan’s care.

A lone assailant, a suspect, engaged in the attack, has been apprehended. In a video confessional statement, the assailant said he attempted to assassinate Imran Khan and no one else because he intentionally misled people.

Imran Khan was aware of an impending assault

Asad Umar and Mian Aslam Iqbal issued a video statement following the deadly attack at the party’s protest gathering: “Imran Khan has stated that he received knowledge that these individuals were maybe involved in the attempted assassination of him.”

Umar, citing the PTI chairman, urged all three individuals — the prime minister, the federal interior minister, and the top military officer — “be dismissed from their respective positions.”

The PTI leader warned that nationwide protests would occur if these people were not removed from office, as the country could no longer function in this manner.

“Khan is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for his country. It should no longer be questioned. However, he insists that we should always believe in Allah”. Umar stated.