UPDATE: Development in Ali Zafar, Meesha Shafi Defamation Case

Lahore (19th Sept, 2019): Pakistani singer and actor, Ali Zafar has presented a statement in court as to the “real cause” of Meesha Shafi’s harassment allegations against him. 

According to Baaghi TV’s sources, Ali Zafar has referred to a Pepsi contract as the “real cause” behind Pakistani singer, Meesha Shafi’s allegation. In a statement offered to the court by Zafar, replacing Atif Aslam for the Pepsi Battle of the Bands contract has been cited as the key reason behind Shafi’s allegations.

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Zafar claims, that the international beverage company, Pepsi had tried to replace singer, Atif Aslam by bringing Zafar on for the show. He added that “Pepsi while canceling their contract with Atif Aslam, had expressed hopes of bringing me on board”. He continued to add that it was a major contract “worth Rs. 12 crore”. Moreover, Zafar commented that it was because of this contract with the beverage brand that Meesha Shafi had threatened him:

“Meesha threatened me to stay out of Pepsi, otherwise she will destroy me by making a public allegation of harassment, using #MeToo and [with the help of] other women.”

Sources confirm, that Zafar in a recent hearing for the case presented the argument that, he was threatened to cancel the contract otherwise Shafi would take help of other women and the international #MeToo movement [that works to provide abuse victims a platform] against him to defame him.

Zafar gave the following statement to Baaghi TV with regards to the court proceedings:

They threatened me to remember that empathy is always with the woman and (the allegations) will discredit you.

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Prior to this, the two had made headlines earlier in 2018 when Meesha Shafi had allegedly accused him of harassment. As a result, Zafar had accused Shafi of running a false campaign to publicly malign him through fake accounts so his reputation and career would be tarnished. Since then Ali Zafar has engaged in a social media movement of his own to try and gain back his reputation by means of regularly updating his loved ones and fans about the proceedings of the case. At one point Zafar had even tweeted, “Know your rights! And never be afraid to fight for them.”

Moreover, while Shafi has recently filed another lawsuit against the Teefa in Trouble star, Zafar’s stance continues to gain momentum as more and more people are deciding to believe his claims against Shafi. According to Baaghi TV’s reports, Shafi claims that Ali Zafar had been making false allegations on media for the past two years, damaging her psychologically.

Ali Zafar has, however, reportedly claimed that Shafi is “lying” and also “not obeying the court orders”. He has further claimed that Meesha Shafi’s tale of woe has been made-up to gain attention, fame and money.

Additionally, Zafar and his wife have publicly denied the allegations as well as sharing the CCTV footage of the incident, which proves, the events as presented by the accuser had not happened. Furthermore, the musicians and other staff present in the video have also rejected the accusations. Even Hassaan Khan Niazi, nephew to Prime Minister, Imran Khan, has come forward with claims of his own against Shafi and her lawyer Nighat Dad, stating that they have threatened him with #MeToo movement as well.

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